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As 2019 draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the great
things that are happening at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. We’re fortunate to be in
a school with 881 students who display a wide range of skill sets every day. Middle
school is filled with awkward, humorous and confusing moments. If you take yourself
too seriously, middle school is not a place for you to work. Our staff is reminded daily
about the privilege we have to serve students in our school community. Your role as a
parent or guardian and partnering with our efforts is greatly appreciated.
In the past year, we have seen improvement in the following areas:

  • Decreased student discipline (e.g. in/out of school suspensions)
  • Decreased number of students who are chronically absent
  • Increased participation in Fall and Winter athletics for 2019-20
  • Increased state and district assessment scores in Math and English

We are excited for the progress happening at Thomas Jefferson. As we align our entire
school with a standards-based approach, the top priority remains student learning.
When standards are clear and attainable, accompanied by high quality instruction,
exceptional things can happen for students. We approach every day with a mindset to
establish a calm and predictable environment throughout our school. Students feel safe
and learn best when expectations are crystal clear.

Just over 87% of our students have attended over 90% of the school days thus far. We
also have 160 students with perfect attendance (no absences/no tardies). Student
attendance is at the top of the list of factors that contribute to learning. The intent is to
begin recognizing students for being here and contributing to our positive school

Although the aforementioned data highlights significant growth in a variety of areas over
the last 15 months, the truth is our work is never complete. Vancouver Public Schools
works hard to develop systems of support to ensure every student learns at high levels.
Thomas Jefferson continues to identify areas of growth by peeling back the curtain for
a full examination. We are developing a transparent culture throughout our building
where there is truly nothing to hide. We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2020, glad all of
you are along for the ride.

Important Dates and Information

December 10 – Report Cards Go Home

December 11 – 8th Grade Field Trip (Magnet Program Showcase)

December 12 – Band Concert

December 17 – Orchestra Concert

December 19 – Honor Roll Celebration (8:15-8:45 for 3.5+ GPA students/families)

December 20 – Spirit Day and Assembly

January 9 – After School Social (3:30-4:30)

January 20 – No School (MLK Jr. Day)

January 24 – No School (Semester Break – potential Snow Make-Up Day)

January 31 – Spirit Day

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