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September 2020

Parents and/or Guardians ~

Before we go too far, let’s be extremely honest for a moment: starting school remotely is not what any of us desire for students. There is no substitute for in-person learning where students have freedom to socialize, interact and engage with other people. Hopefully those days are once again on the horizon. Until then, we’re going to give 100% effort to making Remote Learning 2.0 a success.

September 1 kicks off what is arguably the strangest school year any of can remember. Students find themselves huddled around iPad screens instead of frantically pacing the halls to find their next classroom. Cafeterias are empty and classrooms are quiet, all things that we’re not used to at the middle school level. But as you can imagine, our team of teachers and support staff have gone above and beyond in preparing meaningful learning experiences for your students. Teaching and learning remotely is not easy. Above all else, we ask that families extend grace to both teachers and your students. We’ll work through the tension points together and get everyone on the same page once the dust settles.

Along with an entire new group of 6th graders (and various other students at 7th and 8th grade), we gladly welcome ten new staff members. Mitch Degagne (building operator), David Marcus (counselor), Lauren Perrier (SLP), Katelynn Lansdon (special education teacher), Koreen Bennett (band teacher), Beth Shinners (Restorative Practices Specialist), Jimmy Baldwin (special education teacher) Ali Dunbar (para), Russ Lytle (para) and Joanne Mueller (para). We are thrilled to add these folks to our team.

We cannot express enough the need to connect with teachers, office staff, counselors or administration if you have questions, comments or concerns. There is a great deal of division across our country and community. The last thing we want is for our families to feel disconnected. Please continue to support one another, remain hopeful and encourage your students to engage

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