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Parents and/or Guardians ~

As we enter a new decade, we’re not going to push on you a “2020 Vision Statement” that promises to revolutionize the world of education. Other schools or organizations mind find value in that approach. The truth remains that our core objective is the same at Thomas Jefferson as it was 15 years ago – we want all students to learn at high levels. This is a mission we will not waver from at our school. Our staff works relentlessly to do everything within our power to meet that outcome. We recognize that middle school is a unique phase of a student’s life. Social relationships, physical development and emotional insecurities run rampant every day within our halls.  Establishing an environment where those realities are embraced and explored is critical for the appropriate growth of our students.

If you’re new to middle school as a parent, or a season veteran, it’s important to know that the second half of the year brings about a different rhythm. Students are settled into the behavior expectations and familiar with each of their teachers. You will also notice an uptick in assessments taking place over the next several months. Both district and state testing takes place during the spring that brings about a variety of emotions from both students and parents. The reality is that we operate within a system that needs to gauge student learning in a variety of ways. There is no perfect approach but
we’re confident students are being prepared to meet the rigorous demands that standardized testing brings.

Along with the various other activities that come the latter part of the year, Winter 2 sports start as well. Boys basketball and girls bowling are two popular options for students, we anticipate seeing yet another increase in participation. Measuring an improved climate and culture is not simple. We generally rely on discipline and attendance data to give us feedback. However, we also feel an increase of students participating in athletics, intramurals and socials is an indicator that students feel included and comfortable in our environment. We’re thrilled to share that participation numbers continue to increase in those areas compared to previous years.

By now, we hope you’re starting to see growth in your students that you didn’t notice in the fall. Your children continue to energize our building with creativity and curiosity. We’re looking forward to a productive 2020 and hope parents continue to partner with us every step of the way.

Important Dates and Information
January 6 – First day back-to-school from winter break
January 9 – After School Social (3:30-4:30)
January 17 – Day of Kindness (in partnership with Felida Elementary)
January 20 – No School (MLK Jr. Day)
January 24 – No School (Semester Break – potential Snow Make-Up Day)
January 31 – Spirit Day
February 6 – Diversity Assembly (all students)
February 6 – Progress reports sent home
February 17 – No School (President’s Day)
February 18 – All 8th Grade Photo
February 21 – Spirit Day

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