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February 2020

Parents and/or Guardians ~

The last week of January marks the halfway point of the school year. Our 6th grade students are fully acclimated with the culture at Thomas Jefferson and no longer feel like elementary kids. Our hot-shot 8th grade students are officially one semester away from becoming high schoolers and embrace being the big kids on campus. And our 7th grade students…well, they’re still knee deep in the quirkiest year of their life.

Last school year was highlighted with significant improvement in several academic areas. Teachers, parents and administrators love when the school they’re associated with is making gains in academic performance. However, the climate and culture of our building is just as important when it comes to developing the whole child. Recent experiences have indicated that our school culture is also trending in the right direction.  Take for example that Thomas Jefferson has the lowest out-of-school suspension numbers of all Vancouver middle schools. Fewer students are involved in disciplinary behavior than they were at this point last year which is a great step in the right direction.  We also had arguably our most attended after-school social in January. This tells us that students are feeling safe and comfortable at our school. One more highlight is that we have a record number of boys basketball teams for the Late Winter sports season (10). We’re bursting at the seams with students wanting to be involved with extracurricular activities, thank you for continuing to support our efforts.

This time of year brings about a variety of emotions. Students and staff start to wear down a little, both mentally and physically. Attendance takes a hit due to sickness and the need to simply catch their breath. Our relentless effort to remain consistent will hopefully alleviate unnecessary stress. We want teachers to focus on teaching and students to focus on learning. Most people who work within a school building will acknowledge that the days go fast. Our to-do lists never end and pressure seems to build as we get closer to testing season . It will take a team effort to ensure that the middle school experience remains engaging for all our students. The moment we take ourselves too seriously around here is the moment that school starts to feel like a chore. We’re blessed to work with your children everyday, your willingness to partner in this work is greatly appreciated. Please let us know whenever you have questions.

Important Dates and Information
February 6 – Diversity Assembly (all students)
February 6 – Progress reports sent home
February 11 – PTSA Meeting (4:00pm)
February 17 – No School (President’s Day)
February 18 – All 8th Grade Photo
February 21 – Spirit Day
March 9 – 2nd Trimester Ends
March 10 – PTSA Meeting (4:00pm)
March 17 – Spring Choral Concert
March 18 – Band Concert
March 25 – Strings Concert
March 26 – Honor Roll Breakfast Celebration (8:15-8:45am)
March 26 – After-School Socal (3:30-4:30)
March 27 – Spirit Day

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