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March 2021

Parents and/or Guardians ~

It had been nearly an entire calendar year before all of our students were allowed to return to campus. We’ve seen countless changes over the past 12 months but can’t help but appreciate the patience and flexibility that the Thomas Jefferson community has shown. Although classrooms and the building look a little different now, we fully intend to create an environment that feels like a middle school.

Families all over Felida have experienced the school closure in a variety of ways. Our team is taking student health more seriously than ever and will do everything within our power to ensure our students have a meaningful experience. The need for human connection is being felt by people of all ages. Our hope is that in-person learning can have an appropriate balance between academic learning and social-emotional development.

You will likely hear your children talking about the major differences seen in our building. Yes, everyone is required to wear a mask, lunch tables are on hold for now and we have more directional arrows than one could imagine. But teachers anticipate creating learning experiences that prepare students for life beyond middle school. We want the in-person classroom experience to be similar for our students. At the same time, we recognize that remote-only learners need to feel connected and supported. As you can imagine, the work of a teacher is not going to be easy over the next few months. Your continued patience and collaboration is greatly appreciated.

For many things in life, change is difficult. We anticipate some bumps in the road while students and staff get comfortable with this new arrangement. Parents are always encouraged to call or email if you have questions. With most learners only on campus two days a week, we recognize that face-to-face contact needs to be used strategically. Our teachers will continue to care for and support your student every step of the way. On behalf of the Thomas Jefferson staff, thank you for allowing our team to play a role in your child’s life. We’re excited for the next few months and the new experiences we will all share.

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