Photo of Luke LeCount

Hello Thomas Jefferson Families,

Thank you for the continued support for the work happening at our school. We’re honored to serve our students on a daily basis and better prepare them for life outside of middle school. Our staff is committed to providing high quality instruction and creating a culture and climate where learning can occur for all students.

We value input from parents and families in hopes of creating strong community partnerships. Our primary focus is ensuring that every student at Thomas Jefferson has access to learning and an opportunity to grow. Middle school is a unique time in a person’s life, we’re honored to have the responsibility of leading students through these formidable years.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone and let us know if you want to get involved. Your children are deeply cared for at Thomas Jefferson and we are thrilled to serve them at our school. Thank you again for the trust, patience and grace as we strive to provide a meaningful education for every Thomas Jefferson student.

Mr. LeCount

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