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June 2020

Parents and/or Guardians ~

We enter the final three weeks of the school year with more questions than answers. The coronavirus pandemic impacted people all over the world and brought our daily routines to a screeching halt. Recent unrest in the United States after the death of George Floyd has exposed divisions in our country that have existed for years. Thomas Jefferson Middle School is committed to creating an environment where all students are accepted, educated and cared for on a daily basis. Our community continues to become more diverse, it remains our obligation to set all of our students up for success well beyond their middle school careers.

As many of you know, the end of the year brings about traditions that apply to all grade levels. Wrapping up a school year provides energy to both staff and students. In many ways, end-of-year festivities are bittersweet. On one hand, teachers and students are exhausted by the time June rolls around. On the other hand, we recognize that a sense of comfort has been established and relationships built that will never be the same. A year at a middle school flies by with countless memories taking place all throughout the year.

Clearly the 2019-20 school year has turned out much different than anyone could have imagined. March 13 seems like an eternity ago but little did we know it would be the last day our students were all together on campus. Without notification or proper training, our teachers jumped into action to implement remote learning. Yes, it was clunky at times and there is no doubt we have plenty to learn. However, school districts across the country poured themselves into connecting with all students and ensuring that everyone had access to learning. Our teachers will be better because of this experience. We’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on the things we’ve taken for granted in education and vow to make improvements moving forward.

By now, you’ve likely read Dr. Webb’s response to the racial unrest throughout our country: racism in any form is wholly inconsistent with our mission, values and beliefs. As Thomas Jefferson becomes more diverse each year, we recognize the obligation to create a safe learning environment for all students. Our staff is ready for change. We have a group of adults who are passionate about serving students and creating a culture that embraces all types of people. Thomas Jefferson needs to be a place where students of all backgrounds thrive emotionally and academically.

Specific information about the end-of-year events will be coming soon via email. We anticipate celebrating our out-going 8th grade students in a variety of ways. Clearly these events will look different, but there is no doubt we’re grateful for the opportunity to educate your children. Emotions have run high the past several weeks, our hope is to end 2019-20 on a positive note. Despite the chaos that is happening all throughout our country, we truly wish for families to have a restful summer break. Regardless of what the fall will look like for our school, our teachers will be anxiously awaiting the day when we can all reunite. Until then, take care of yourselves and thank you again.

Important Dates and Information

June 9 – PTSA Zoom Meeting (Board Meeting)

June 9 and 10 – Distribution of Student Items (see email for times/schedule)

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