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Parents & Guardians ~

Hopefully you’re enjoying a relaxing summer vacation and spending plenty of time with your family and friends. Our office team returned to work on August 6, we’re excited to have students and staff back on campus soon.

Our work will continue to revolve around two focus elements at Thomas Jefferson: (1) providing high quality instruction that ensures learning for every student and (2) creating an intentional climate and culture that provides the foundation for learning to occur. Everything that happens in our building will be aligned to meet these two objectives. 

This work is not easy and requires an all-hands-on-deck approach in order to meet the needs of every student at Thomas Jefferson. Our staff believes we have the opportunity to impact student lives at our school and create an environment where ALL students thrive.

There are countless opportunities to become frustrated when working with middle school students. Our staff will take a consistent approach to over-teach and under-assume when working with students. Very few professions allow you to invest deeply into the lives of young people and significantly impact their growth. Doing this work together is going to be fun and exhausting, all at the same time. Your dedication to this school community is greatly appreciated.

There are currently 844 students enrolled in our school which allows for countless opportunities for meaningful learning experiences on a daily basis. Student learning is our highest priority. Everything we do at Thomas Jefferson is designed to help students learn and be successful well beyond their days in middle school. This task is not easy and needs to be in partnership with all families. 

If you visit Thomas Jefferson during the school day, you’ll experience a calm environment. Teachers have worked hard to develop meaningful learning experiences and teach school-wide behavior expectations. Our intent is to minimize the variance between classrooms so expectations become clear and predictable. If the environment is calm, students can better focus on learning.

Thank you for allowing us to play a small role in your child’s development.


Important Details

Student Planners – every student will need their planner for every class. Along with daily assignments, students will track their weekly bathroom/hall passes within their planner. Students will receive a new planner each tri-mester and two (2) passes each week. The intent is to maximize learning time in the classroom.

Bell Schedule – we will have four 75 minute blocks per day along with a 30 minute intervention period (e.g. WIN-WIN) for every student. With this adjustment, students will have 5 minute passing periods instead of 3.

Important Dates and Information

August 21 – 8th Grade Tackle Football starts

August 22 – Schedule Pick-up (all grades) from 9:00-11:00am (please note teachers will not be available)

August 26 – Cross Country, Flag Football and Volleyball start

August 27 – First Day of School

September 2 – Labor Day (no school)

September 10-11 – School Picture Day

September 10 – PTSA General Meeting (4:00pm in Media Center)

September 16 – PTSA Kick-Off Assembly

September 19 – Curriculum Night (all families invited)

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