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School counselors improve student success

Counselors are available to help prevent problems and with solving social issues that may occur. Our counselors also provide consultation with staff on chronic behavior problems, suspected drug abuse, child abuse or neglect, depression, threats of suicide, attendance issues and more.

The role of our psychologist is to assess all students referred for special education and to consult with staff on interventions for students with behavior and/or learning problems.

College readiness

Explore college and careers

Middle school is the foundation for high school and beyond. Check out these college-planning resources.

Academic achievement

Get help with school

Counselors help students be successful in school. They also can assist with scheduling and graduation requirements.

Social and emotional skills

Learn how to deal with challenges

Students can seek help with personal issues, including family, friends, depression, self-esteem and drug and alcohol use.

The vision of the Thomas Jefferson School Counseling Program is that all students see a reflection of themselves in the Jefferson community. Our students will be compassionate, empathetic, and have a deep appreciation and understanding of the unique differences within our diverse learning community. Our students will thrive in an environment that supports safety and growth, while students uncover their greatest potential. Our students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to attain the highest levels of social, emotional, academic, and career success. All students from Thomas Jefferson Middle School are fully engaged in lifelong learning and are prepared with the knowledge necessary to become globally competitive and contributors to their communities and others. Through continuous advocacy, consultation, collaboration, and data-driven interventions with educators, parents, and the community, our lifelong learners will be prepared to make positive changes in the community and the world.

The mission of the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that is accessible to every student. The school counseling programs’ efforts will be focused in its partnerships with teachers,administrators, parents and the community to promote the highest level of student achievement in academics, personal/social development and early career exploration. The school counselors will equip each student with the essential skills in their journey tobecome lifelong learners and problem solvers. As counselors, we strive to make our school an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming community where every student feels safe and supported along their growth and development to high school.

Our goal is to address the needs of each and every student.