Meal accounts

Meals are served at no charge for the 2023-24 school year. All students can access one school breakfast and one school lunch each day at no charge. Students do not need to have any funds in their meal account to access meals at school. Students and staff may choose to purchase additional items if funds are available. If you require assistance with deposits, need information about your current account balance, or would like to request a refund, please call VPS Nutrition Services at 360-313-1190.

What students need to know

For safety and space reasons, students are asked to sit with no more than eight students per table. Students will remain seated while in the commons or go outside. Food and drinks must be consumed inside the commons and may not be taken outside. Students must take care of their own trays, recycling and trash when they are finished eating, and may earn technology privileges at lunch for good behavior. Health department guidelines prohibit sharing food with others. Stay in designated in-bounds lunch areas during the play time.