Welcome back and happy new year! We anticipate an action packed year with great things happening every day at Thomas Jefferson. There are currently 865 students enrolled in our school which allows for countless opportunities for meaningful learning experiences on a daily basis.

Our two focus elements are creating an intentional climate and culture and providing high quality instruction in every class. Student learning is our highest priority. Everything we do at Thomas Jefferson is designed to help students learn and be successful well beyond their days in middle school. This task is not easy and needs to be in partnership with all families.

By now, we hope your students come to school feeling safe and supported. Anytime you get a building full of young teenagers, interesting things happen. If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s experience, we want to hear from you. Parents play a significant role in a child’s education and it will be in everyone’s best interest if all parties are in sync.

Coming to the halfway mark of the school year, many of the new adjustments have settled across the building. If you visit Thomas Jefferson during the school day, you’ll experience a calm environment. Teachers have worked hard to develop meaningful learning experiences and teach school-wide behavior expectations. Our intent is minimize the variance between classrooms so expectations become clear and predictable. If the environment is calm, students can better focus on learning. The latter part of the year will also see increased rigor across all classrooms.

We’re fortunate to work with your students every day. Thank you for allowing us to play a small role in their development, hope the new year has gotten off to a good start for all Thomas Jefferson families.

Luke LeCount
Thomas Jefferson Middle School

7th grade boys basketball playing a game.

Coach Sixour leads our 7th grade boys basketball program this winter.