Vancouver Public Schools Students Cycle for Smoothies in Celebration of Washington Dairy Council and Seattle Seahawks Hometown Grant

Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) celebrated the award of a $20,000 Hometown Grant with Fort Vancouver High School Associated Student Board (FVHS ASB) students riding a stationary bike to blend smoothies during the morning breakfast service this week. 

The goal of the grant is to add more fruit and protein, such as dairy and yogurt, to student diets – particularly during the breakfast meal as they start their day. The grant program is designed to support and incentivize healthy eating and physical activity wellness programs for students. 

The Hometown Grant funds the purchase of blending equipment to make smoothies at all VPS school locations and is sponsored by the Washington Dairy Council and Seattle Seahawks.  By introducing smoothies to the breakfast menu, VPS hopes to increase participation in the breakfast meal program which is available to all students at no charge. 

Prior to applying for the grant, VPS nutrition services conducted a survey of VPS high school students to collect their feedback about school breakfast. Only 10 percent of high school students reported eating breakfast, and over 40 percent reported they would like healthy smoothies added to the menu.